About Us

A home is more than bricks and mortar.  It is the where we hope to live our dreams; and if we have a family, a place of security that helps our children thrive.  We build homes we would be happy to live in.  

We start by finding a location that offers a great network of local amenities, transport, schools and leisure facilities with a good sense of community. Then, working with our architects, we plan the site to get the right balance of affordable housing and space to provide privacy and the unique features that make a great small development.  A small number of different house styles are then designed to provide contrast and character to the development.  Materials used are specified as if they were our own homes; and we demand the highest standard of finish from our construction team for the same reason.  

The results are solid, well-proportioned new homes with a standard of finish we hope will delight you and with the features, such as the white goods you would expect to be included, and some, such as solar panels, you might not.  We have been building homes rather than just houses for five years and sincerely hope you will very happy in yours.