BMW House: from dealership, to warehouse, to 24 new flats


We've recently had the honour of announcing one of our upcoming projects, BMW House. This new development will create 24 modern flats in the heart of Slough - ready for buyers in 2018.

The name of the development may have you wondering and asking some questions. 'Why BMW House?', 'Do BMW have something to do with this?', 'Are the Redsky team big BMW fans?'. Now we do like ourselves a BMW, but that is not the reason behind the name. The building actually lived a past life as an Altwood BMW Dealership, which then resulted in it being named and called BMW House. We've decided to keep hold of the name to preserve the history behind the site, as we believe that adds character. It's not a marketing move or an attempt to attract BMW owners, we promise!

To add to the story further, our founder and director, Tejinder Singh Sekhon, acquired BMW House to use as a warehouse for his past and first business - Redsky Wines. Redsky Wines was a multi-million-pound drink wholesale business, which Tejinder built from scratch. After experiencing much success within the wholesale drinks market, Tejinder had his sights set on making waves in the property development industry, and in 2015, he decided to sell Redsky Wines to LWC Drinks – Britain’s largest Independent drinks wholesaler. As part of the sale, Tejinder decided to retain the warehouse building and site for future projects, staying true to his entrepreneurial spirit. Just over two years later, we are now turning that same location into 24 new apartments, in a market and town where property supply is low.

In terms of history, it’s evident that there is a lot behind BMW House, but what we are now focussed on is the future… and the future is bright! We are very excited to be creating these new flats and bringing our style to the town of Slough, with our mission being to provide high quality yet affordable living for many. Located very close to Slough train station and high street, and with the future arrivals of Crossrail and a new shopping centre, this will be an opportunity not to miss!

Stay tuned for more,

Team Redsky Homes.